Homework assistance is recommended for students who need the support of our tutors to work through their daily assignments. We will use the homework, among other assessments, to identify areas where our students might need additional skills training. We will be corresponding with the student’s teachers to ensure that their necessary work is being completed.

We provide after-school tutoring that focuses on the student’s homework that day and throughout the week. We ensure that the students are doing their work correctly as well as checking for errors.
Following the completion of homework, we provide additional practice related to HW assignments (e.g., IXL, NewsELA, CA Assessment Practice Test) to reinforce what they’ve learned during school hours.

To assess each student learning level, we also communicate and coordinate with each student’s teacher to determine additional assistance as well as what they’ve improved in.

Our cost is very affordable. We want to serve communities that lack the necessary resources for achievement, as a result, our price is the lowest of any tutoring services in the Crenshaw District area (e.g., Sylvan Learning Center). Our monthly price is $100 for all tutoring services provided. That translates into $25/wk and $6.25 a day.

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