With current events it is recommended by the CDC to "wear cloth face covering in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community-bases transmission".

Saving the West Foundation is meeting that need with washable, reusable and environmentally friendly face masks.

ICU Cedars Sinai

Our face masks are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton canvas and a 100% fleece filter.

A shipment of reusable masks were sent to the hardworking staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital, where they were approved to be worn by health officials in the pulmonary unit.


Our masks are intended to help reduce the potential spread of disease from person to person.

Pulmonary staff

$10 each mask

  • Made using 100% cotton fabric & fleece
  • Soft breathable fabric
  • Comfortable ear loops 
  • One size fits most kids & adults

***masks are washing machine safe and can be dried on delicate cycle

(Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery)