About West Adams

The STWF Ed Center is located in the West Adams / Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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About the Saving the West Foundation Education Center (STWF Ed Center)

Saving the West Foundation’s Education Center offers homework assistance, subject specific tutoring and test-taking strategy building. Our tutors and education volunteers, under the over-site of our Executive Program Director, Maribel Rosales, work either one-on-one with students or in small groups of 5 or less. Through in depth conversations with incoming parents and students, the Education Center is able to assess the specific needs of all students and partner each child with an appropriate tutor. The center sustains open lines of communication with every family about their student’s academic growth and progress throughout the school year.

Our goal is to ensure students are performing at grade level or above. Over the course of the past two years, every student we have tutor has raised their grades by at least one letter and often are comfortable with subjects in grades beyond the one they are currently in. The Education Center provides additional strategy practices in IXL and News ELA to reinforce what they’ve learned during school hours. Our core competency studies involve Mathematics and English Language Arts, as directed by the state of California. We provide a hybrid approach with both Common Core and supplemental curriculum so that we can teach our students to understand and retain information rather than simply memorize lessons.

Saving the West Foundation Education Center urges parents to enroll students in our program early in the school year. This will preemptively strengthen their child’s academic skills as opposed to waiting until they are behind in school. That being said, our doors are always open to accepting students.

The Education Center aims to cultivate:

  • self-esteem through the improvement of academic studies
  • children developing communication and discussion skills through conversations centered around their own homework needs
  • a keen awareness of test-taking strategies and best practices
  • a deeper sense of community in the Crenshaw and West Adams by providing enrichment programs
  • access to internships, jobs and mentorship programs